Sportsbook software

Our company provide the most affordable and complete sportsbook software on the market today, along with all adjacent services such as branding, UI design, risk management, lines and data feeds, hosting and bandwidth, as well as integration with 3rd party services such as live casino providers, payment processing agencies and more.

We have been on the market since 2003 and played the game enough to know what makes for a successful sportsbook. Excellent market coverage, every possible betting option for end users, friendly software and interfaces, and a powerful control panel for website operators to manage every aspect of their business.



Make no mistake, this is not the average “sportsbook script” you can buy for $100 off indians, or from some some freelance site or fly by night company. It is a full fledged betting platform among the top 5┬áin the world that sets a rock solid foundation for a successful online sportsbook, casino and poker business.

Our sportsbook software uses premium auto-scaling cloud hosting from AWS and Google and state of the art security from Cloudflare and Incapsula. We are proud to only have had less than 1 hour of downtime in 15 years of business, this is something not even the billion dollar market leaders can pride with.

Our sportsbook software comes complete with a powerful control panel that allows operators who choose to build their business with us with a superb selection of reporting and management tools: AI-powered risk management and betting limits that adapt to customers’ behavior and preferences, a full featured content management system that allows editing any aspect of the website, control modules for website settings, transactions, market data, gaming, as well as agent and affiliate network.